Visitor and Super Visa Insurance

If you come to Canada as a student, visitor or immigrant you need Travel insurance. Since you are not in the country yet it is difficult to understand the real cost of medical services if you do not have Provincial Health Insurance Plan. If you are a new immigrant you are not eligible for the Provincial Health Insurance Plan for the first few months, depending on the province you land in. In Ontario the time is 3 months. If you or your loved one needs medical attention and you do not have the right Visitor insurance your Canadian dream can quickly become a financial nightmare. You need insurance from a local insurance company to pay for the medical costs. 

Many times there Visitor visa insurance provided from the country of your origin but you need to know that you have to pay first and get compensated later after making a claim. In many cases there is no guarantee that the claim will be approved. Almost all Canadian health insurance providers need you to pay the deductible but will pay the medical care provider directly so you can continue to recover without any financial hassles. You should always contact a local broker to help you buy insurance as a broker represents more than one Visitor or Supervisa insurance providers. A broker will help you make an informed decision.

The same applies to students and Supervisa applicants who are not eligible for the any provincial health plans. At Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd, Durham Branch we represent many insurance companies that provide Visitor Insurance, Super Visa Insurance, Student Health Insurance to visitors to  Ontario. We take time to listen to your concerns, shop for you and help you get the best product at the best price.

We also have an online quoting tool through one of our providers - GMS. You can buy the product online simply and easily in a few steps. If you have any concerns please call us at 289 274 4807 or email us at