Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is for Canadians leaving the home province for pleasure or business. Yes we have a provincial health plan like OHIP, New Brunswick Medicare etc but once you leave the home province most coverages cease. Once you cross the border of your home province the Travel Insurance takes over. If you are snowbird, student studying in another province or country, business person who travels often you need Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance is sold via number of channels including but  not limited to travel agencies, insurance arms of banks, call centres etc. Despite these channels its best to buy Travel Insurance through your Licensed Insurance Broker. A licensed insurance broker will make sure you are buying the right coverage that suits your needs. A broker can approach the company to customise the plan for you and your family. Only a Licensed Insurance Broker can explain the complex terms and condition of Travel Insurance and what to do in case you need to use the option.

Travel Insurance companies also provide some additional insurance coverages like accidental death and dismemberment, trip interruption, trip cancellation etc. It is advisable to speak to a qualified licensed insurance broker before taking a decision.

At Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd, Durham Branch we represent many insurance companies that provide Travel Insurance to the residents of Durham region of Ontario and surrounding areas. We take time to listen to your concerns, shop for you and help you get the best product at the best price.

We also have an online quoting tool through one of our providers - GMS. You can buy the product online simply and easily in a few steps. If you have any concerns please call us at 289 274 4807