Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance or Business Insurance is for businesses, professionals who provide advise, religious organizations etc. Business has evolved over the past two decades and so has commercial insurance. With the advent of Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, internet, ecommerce etc. businesses are becoming unique in the products and services that they offer. This means Business Insurance must evolve to accommodate these new trends. Commercial or business Insurance can be complicated as businesses are very diverse and unique.  Moreover, in today’s world almost every business has an online presence. Hence that is an additional risk you and your business are exposed to apart from the physical brick and mortar location you have. Be it the traditional business with one or more physical locations, online or from home we will help you get the best insurance product at a very competitive price.  


We help small, medium or large businesses secure insurance policies at a reasonable cost. Our customer service is exceptional. At the Durham Branch of Aaxel Insurance Brokers Limited we offer a range of business/commercial insurance products including but not limited to Commercial Auto, Auto Fleet Insurance, Manufacturing Operations, Cargo Insurance, Commercial General Liability (CGL), Commercial Property, Equipment Breakdown, Business Interruption, Professional Liability (E&O), Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) etc.


Commercial Auto Insurance – The coverages are the same when you compare it with private passenger auto insurance or personal auto insurance, barring some minor differences. There are some endorsements that need to be added depending on the use of the vehicle. In general, commercial vehicles are classified as light commercial and heavy commercial vehicle. If you have a business or work for an employer where your vehicle is used for work, then you must inform your broker about it. Your insurance broker will confirm if the vehicle will be classified as business vehicle or commercial vehicle. For example, a real estate agent’s Mercedes S 550 will be classified as business use as it is usually driven from home to work to show clients homes etc. But a general contractor’s ford f-150 will be commercial use as he will go from home to client’s home but carries tools, equipment, machinery in the bed of his truck. If you are contractor, electrician, handyman, plumber, florist, gardener, landscaper, painter, driveway sealer, roofer, carpenter, janitor, wood worker, HVAC mechanic, window cleaner, appliance technician or any other trade please call us for a quote for your commercial vehicle. We are your local commercial auto insurance broker. Our office is located in Oshawa to serve the Durham Region. For Light vehicles Commercial Auto Quotes can be provided same day depending on the use.

Heavy Vehicle Commercial Insurance - Heavy vehicles are always classified as commercial use vehicle depending on the use. There are number of businesses that use commercial trucks in Ontario. They need commercial auto insurance as well. This insurance policy also has similar coverages as the private passenger auto insurance policy barring some minor differences. Apart from the regular information needed to get a quote, a Commercial vehicle operator's registration (CVOR) is required at the time of setting up the policy.

Commercial Auto Fleet Insurance – If your business owns 5 or more vehicles, insurance companies will offer a Fleet policy. The vehicles can be private passenger, light commercial or heavy commercial. The cost varies from fleet to fleet, depending on several factors. If you have a fleet of vehicles please contact Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd, in Durham Region. We represent major insurance companies, who specialize in fleet insurance policies. This means these companies understand what is required and provide best product to make sure you are well insured. We will shop the market for your business and make sure you have the right insurance coverage at a competitive price.

Business Insurance – Business insurance is comprised of number of insurance policies or just one simple Commercial General Insurance Policy also known as CGL Insurance. Depending on your Business operations your business insurance can have Commercial General Liability, Pollution Liability, Product Completed Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Malpractice Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance Policy, Equipment Break down, Boiler and Machinery Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance etc. The list goes on. Your business may need all or some of the many insurance coverages or policies.  This can be very confusing and if you get it wrong it becomes very costly. Incorrect insurance policies can lead to financial disaster, lawsuits etc. Talk to one of our Commercial Insurance Specialist an we will take time to listen to your needs and provide appropriate recommendations after assessing your situation. We will help you understand your Business Insurance, the options available to you, a proper comparative analysis. We provide competitive premiums from several Financially sound Major Commercial Insurance Companies. We represent more than 30 commercial insurance providers.


Commercial insurance is hardly sold directly to public by Insurance Companies. In most cases Commercial or business insurance is made available to general public via Insurance Brokers only. Hence you need a good insurance broker in your community to serve the insurance needs of your business.

Professional Liability (E&O) and Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) –  We represent a number of Insurance companies that specialise in providing these two insurance products.

  • The E&O insurance is for any professional or organization who provides a professional advise. Due to an error or omission by you or your employee a client suffers a financial loss or bodily harm. This results in a lawsuit against you or your organization. An E&O insurance will respond in this case. Your insurer should be notified immediately in the event such a claim arises.

  • The D&O insurance is for Directors and Officers of an organization. It can be a for profit or non-profit. As a member of the board you are required to work diligently for that organization. Its your duty to act in good faith and maintain the interest of the organization before your own. Failing to do so, you may be sued. Hence the need for Directors and Officers Insurance policy.


If you need E&O or D&O coverage please call us so we can analyse your requirement, provide suitable recommendation and get you an insurance quote. We have dedicated staff that handles this class of insurance, so you don’t have a situation where despite paying insurance premiums you have no coverage. Call Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd in Durham Region to discuss your professional liability insurance needs. ​​

Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd., Durham Branch serves the commercial insurance needs of small, medium and large businesses Oshawa, Pickering, Whitby, Ajax, Uxbridge, Scugog, Bowmanville, Port Perry, Courtice, Beaverton, Sunderland, Clarington, Newcastle, Brock, Claremont, Altona, Goodwood, Uxbridge, Cannington, Orono, Mt Albert and the rest of Ontario.


If you are looking for a broker who diligently works for you, provides excellent client experience and very competitive premiums from Financially Stable Insurance companies, call us at 289 274 4807. For an appointment to discuss your insurance needs, please contact us. We will set up an appointment at your convenience and will personally come to your workplace to discuss all your insurance needs.